Tweeting Through the Teen Years – #1


I overheard this conversation the other day:

Child #1: Facebook for Mom and her friends is like our Twitter.

Child #2: You think? Maybe more like our Snapchat.

Child #3: No…Mom and her blogging friends are doing weird things on Snapchat. Stay with Twitter. {Disclaimer: By weird things, they mean take silly selfies with filters and torture  send them to our children.}

Child #2: Mom’s on Twitter.

Child #1: She’s on there, but Twitter moves so fast she doesn’t pay attention to what we do. Continue reading

My Current Season of Parenting


It was 4:00 am and everything was quiet. All three of teens were asleep and I woke up to have my quiet time with God. Before I started reading, I got my usually glass of water, took my thyroid medicine, and as I’ve done since they were babies, surveyed the kids sleeping.

In a few short hours I’d have them up and in the midst of our morning routine preparing them to get out the door and on the way to school. This day is special (and more challenging) because it’s the first day back after the holiday break. I suspected how the morning would unfold, thus the 4 am time with God. Usually I wake up at 5:30.

This morning needed to extra preparation. But before I started preparing and I gazed at each one of them. I whispered one thing…thank you. 

Thank you for my babies who are now teenagers. Thank you for their giving hearts. Thank you for the people they have become. Thank you.  Continue reading