How About A Book Excerpt?

I’m going to make this admission right here and right now. I can be a little extra sometimes. So much so that I tend to drop all kinds of news on my friends thinking that I’ve already told them things when in fact, I haven’t.

Or I write a blog post about it and when they see it on Facebook, then send me crazy GIFs and emojis. This week, I’ve already exceeded my limit for new news with Cheryl and it’s only Monday.


I’m not sure if the sigh is because I don’t really mean to take my friends fast, or if I don’t like the idea of reaching the quota so early in the week.

My offering to combat all the information and energy that I bring to the table – this week in particular – is a free, five-day devotional e-book for you. I took five of the devotions from my new book and want to share them with you.

New book, Toni? Oh dear, is this the first time you’re hearing about this?

So I wrote a book. It really is for you, your friends, your sisters, and any woman you know, especially if she ever gets discouraged by life. This woman who may be overworked, underpaid, and heartbroken. It’s even for the woman who sometimes questions God and doesn’t understand why certain things happen. Several years ago, when my family was going through a rough time, I learned that the most important part of my day is my quiet time with God. Cultivating that time has been essential to my life as a mother, a daughter, a friend, and a writer. My daily quiet time keeps me grounded amidst the chaos of the world around me.

Spiral and Squiggly: Living Intentionally When Life Isn’t Straight and Narrow is a 45-Day devotional that will enhance your personal and quiet time with the Lord. I hope that these quiet moments each day will do for you what they do for me…especially as I strive to live the life God had planned for me, rather than the one I’ve planned.

This is an excerpt from the book. A whole month before the official launch. Just because. The book officially launches on Sunday, May 13, 2018. I intentionally selected that date for two reasons: 1. It’s my 46th birthday, and 2. It’s Mother’s Day and this is exactly how I choose to honor myself this year. But back to my extra-ness.

When I’m being extra, my time with God centers me. When others around me are being extra, my time with God centers me. And when I lash out at one my closest friends regarding a difference of opinion, my time with God addresses the issues in my heart, mind, and mouth.

And it’s still only Monday.

I really hope you enjoy the devotions.  In case you’re interested, we’re currently accepting launch team members for the actual book. The launch team helps share the message about the book launch and its marketing.

The launch team even has a cool Facebook community where I share a lot of behind-the-scenes info about the book-writing process. As we get closer to the date of the launch, team members will share the book on social media a couple of times and leave a review of the book on Amazon sometime during the week of May 14.

To join the launch team, complete the form below. Once your signup is complete, I’ll send you an email with further instructions on what comes next! But remember friends, it’s only Monday.

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