Guess what? I wrote you a book. Yes, really. It’s for you, your friends, your sisters, and any woman you know. It’s especially for the woman who gets discouraged by life. The woman who may be overworked, underpaid, and heartbroken. It’s even for the woman who sometimes questions God and doesn’t understand why certain things happen. Several years ago, when my family was going through a rough time, I learned that the most important part of my day is my quiet time with God. Cultivating that time has been essential to my life as a mother, a daughter, a friend, and a writer. My daily quiet time keeps me grounded amidst the chaos of the world around me.

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Life is busy. Sometimes even overwhelming. When we are alone with our thoughts, reviewing our schedules, and getting ready for that next appointment, it’s easy to become discouraged by all of the things we must do. Especially when the reality hits that some things may not go as we have planned. As much as we try to make it so, life doesn’t function in a straight line. The twists and turns in our lives somehow force themselves upon us and make us feel as though everything is spiraling out of control. The key to surviving all the twists and turns is remembering that we aren’t alone. God is always with us. If we give Him a few moments each day of our undivided attention, He’ll give us everything we need to make it through the day. He’s there. Listening. Consoling. Encouraging. Directing. Providing. Your time with God matters. And so do you.

Spiral and Squiggly: Living Intentionally When Life Isn’t Straight and Narrow is a 45-Day devotional that will enhance your personal and quiet time with the Lord. I hope that these quiet moments each day will do for you what they do for me…especially as I strive to live the life God had planned for me, rather than the one I’ve planned. It just works out better that way, even if the road has twists, turns and seems as though it’s spiraling out of control. Because it’s not. It’s carefully orchestrated by our God in heaven and we can rest assured knowing that all things work together for His good and His glory.

Let’s explore this for the next 45 days and see what happens next. I can’t wait to hear your story!

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