Words Etched on Their Hearts


This is the third post in just as many days about the Kingdom Woman. As you can see, the book and its message are applicable in my life. At the Desperate for Jesus conference last month, I attended a workshop entitled, “Raising Kingdom Children.” The workshop was led by my friend Chrystal, one of the book’s authors.

No. I didn’t stalk her. I respect her too much for that. I’m just saying.

And I realize I’m probably going to have to write about the stalking thing. Because you could think I have a little problem. But for now, that’s a post for another day. 🙂

So in the session, Chrystal talked about the importance of listening to your children even as they become teens. And finding a time to be able to sit and say nothing. No asking, no telling, nothing. Just giving them the venue to express the words etched on their hearts.

I’ve been doing that a lot with the Three Amigos in the past few weeks. And with their permission granted, I want to share what I’ve discovered. There’s been nothing life-shattering but rather cute, funny, and for them, true. And I know that this is setting the stage for the days we do have to have the life-shattering talks as I let them know I’m someone who will listen.

But for know, here’s what I’ve been told:

1. Methodist churches have the best Communion crackers.

2. Justin Beiber is overrated.

3. The average 13-year-old boy is 4’11. They don’t really grow until they are 15.

4. 12-year-olds should change their sleeping patterns so it’s not a shocker when they turn 13. Turning 13 is a lot like turning 40 because adequate rest is important.

5. Talking about foundation garments in a store is so inappropriate. Even if it’s in the lingerie section. You should have discretion to know what you need, buy it, and then take it home to talk about it.

6. Ministers who use football analogies in their sermon are awesome. It demonstrates a good message and helps get others pumped about football season coming.

7. Teenagers shouldn’t call their mom “mommy.” (Yes, it came up again.)

8. Having the appropriate lipgloss can make you or break you in middle school. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it has to be appropriate.

9. There is a difference between lip balm and lip gloss. Everyone should know it. Even boys. They will need to know this for their wife.

10. Divorce still hurts, even after 6 years.

11. Awareness is important to beating cancer. No one should ever be afraid to share their cancer story.

12. Wearing a lot of bright colors is okay, but eventually someone is going to have to get over it and wear some solids and neutrals. 41-year-old women don’t need to look like Punky Brewster. (This one was very hard for me not to respond to. Very hard…Punky Brewster…smh)

13. The OWN Network is cool.

14. Making things with hands can be calming and soothing.

and last but not least

15. “Mom, you should just decide that I can do your hair everyday. Especially on the special days.”

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5 thoughts on “Words Etched on Their Hearts

  1. love it! Jamie and I had an opportunity to have a sesh with Jaedon on one of the many road trips to & fro Dallas/Bastrop we’ve been making. The thing that stuck with me the most was that one of this TOP priorities for a girlfriend is that she cannot be loud! 🙂

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