There’s More Than Just Now

I’m so excited to be a part of Brooke McGlothlin’s Gospel Centered Mom book tour! This post was inspired by her new book, Gospel Centered Mom. Click here to visit Brooke’s website and learn how to purchase her book.

It’s 10:00 pm on a Wednesday night. It’s summer and the kids are in-between camps and organized activities, so there’s no scheduled place to be in the morning. They are also hyped from the evening’s bible study and worship service at church. For them, the words bed-time are not within range.

“Mom, we’re going to have a midnight snack. You want some pancakes?”

Unlike them, I have to work in the morning but the idea of late-night pancakes sounded delightful.

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Women and Cars: No More Excuses!


One thing I’ve learned as a single mom is that I absolutely need to have some working knowledge about cars when I’m researching them for any purpose. I’ve written about my experience with changing tires, the need for roadside assistance, and the features on cars that are a necessity for me as a busy mom of three teenagers. The one place I can get all the information I need on all things auto is Continue reading