These Books Will Jumpstart Your Year!

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I.LOVE.READING. It is one of my absolute favorite hobbies. Of all the books in the world to read, though, I love faith-based non-fiction. I’ve written before about my favorite authors and reviewed some of their books…and I think I may have even written about the time I met one of those authors at a local coffee shop here in Dallas.

One of the best books I read last fall was The Power of Purpose: Breaking Through to Intentional Living. Living a more intentional life has been a standing goal of mine. Some days I can do it, and some days I fall short. Last year, I analyzed the numbers in my life in order to gain a greater perspective on intentional living and to say the least, I realized that I had some work to do. I did a lot of things that weren’t aligned with my purpose, my calling, and I wasn’t passionate about. I said yes when I should have said no, and as a result I was miserable. Continue reading “These Books Will Jumpstart Your Year!”

The One Who is Always Happy

We all have that friend. Or we’ve given birth to that child.

You know her…or him.

The encourager. The one who send motivational text messages and prayers each morning. The one who will call and say, “You came across my mind…is there anything I can pray on your behalf this week?”

The one who always smiles, listens, and does not judge.

The one who has a magnificent “glass-half-full” view of life.

The one who has energy so infectious, it can be uplifting and overwhelming at the same time.

The one who probably uses a lot of emojis, Bitmojis, or GIPHY images.

The one who without-a-doubt has your back. Is your ride or die. Will go 0-100 in a matter of seconds for you and your family. Continue reading “The One Who is Always Happy”

More Prayers and Affirmations for a Stress-Free Life (The 2018 Edition)

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It was this time last year that I wrote about stress and anxiety. Specifically, how my body processed the stress in my life. Five years ago this month I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. To say the least, my story was scary. The good news is we know how that chapter ends. Continue reading “More Prayers and Affirmations for a Stress-Free Life (The 2018 Edition)”

One Word for 2018: Obedience

Welcome to 2018! Many of us are making resolutions, setting goals, and reflecting on the past 12 months. One thing that I do every year is idenify a word (or a phrase) and scripture that I will focus on throughout the year. I’ve been doing this for the past five years or so, and these have been my words:

2017 – Miracles

2016 – Vulnerable

2015 – People Over Things

2014 – Unfiltered

2013 – Be Inspired

When 2016 ended, I couldn’t have been more happy. I thought that was one of the absolutely worst years of my life. I wrote about it several times, and one thing I can say about 2017 is that it was much better. Last summer, I realized something that caused me to explore more about my own life more. 2017 was much better than 2016 because I became closer to the voice of God. I listened more. I communicated with Him more. And I learned (at times the hard way) that I needed to obey Him more. Continue reading “One Word for 2018: Obedience”