Salad Speak 101

Disclaimer: I’m pleased to partner with Cave Tools on this post. From time to time, I work various brands and review their products in exchange for my honest review. Rest assurred, all opinions of this product are my own.

I’ve learned many lessons in my 44 years on this earth. One is the healing power of nutrition. While I love my french fries as the next girl, I also know that getting vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables is extremely important. When I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes two years ago, one of the most important choices I made with my eating habits was to eat at least one or two servings of salad a day. Unfortunately though, I ran out of salad recipes pretty quickly and for the teenagers in my family, it was one of several things:

  • We used too much salad dressing
  • We used too little salad dressing
  • No matter how much salad we ate, it never felt like a main course

And lastly, our salad schedule was this: toss salad, ceasar salad, spring mix, and club salad. Then we would repeat. Every week for almost two years.  Continue reading

Home is Where the Heart Is

Six months ago I was caught between two worlds. I wanted to go but at the same time I wanted to stay. Our family of four was planning to move from Deep in the Heart of  Texas to the Magnolia State of Mississippi. The almost move – a symbol of rejection, heartbreak, despair, and new beginnings – caused a battle between the things and the people and I love the most.

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Confessions of a Regular Mom Who Writes for a Living


Every mom has secrets, Some can be harmless and some can be devstating. Some really are secrets, they just never happened to some up in conversation. In my blog reading over the past few weeks, my internet friend Brittany wrote an authentic blog post about her confessions as an ordinary person who runs a business. I was struck by her candor and a bit inspired to tell some confessions of my own.

So today we’re going to air a little dirty laundry. If confession is good for the soul, I’m about to become very cleansed. I hope it inspires you to share some truths of your own!  Continue reading